I began as I always begin.


I had an idea about some hooks.
I decided to make a new housing for these lovely rounded  shaker-esque hooks.
In our first Group tutorial, I decided to place the hooks at my height level and then I stacked a broken down drawer that I had found neatly against the wall. Out into the space I placed a folded canvas with drawn lines.

This trio of objects all quietly doing their own thing, the eye oscillating between, the hooks keeping it all steady.
This 'Three piece Suite' was more successful than I had anticipated and through discussion helped me to uncover details that the viewer might be thinking about. The notion of wanting to use the hooks to hang a coat, are you allowed to do this ? The wanting to unfold the canvas , how the stacked drawer is reminiscent of what you might see in your own home, ordered disorder. The uninvited participation that leaves you wanting to uncover or disrupt the neat order.

This piece led me to start working on altering a 'Teachers Chair'. I wanted to see if I could make it slightly smaller.
I had bought a set of these chairs from ebay very cheaply, they are made of beech so are quite solid circa 1960's.
I spent a long time getting to know these chairs and unravelling the making.
Many people stopped to talk to me as I  worked on one of the chairs as it reminded them of different things.
A book by Iain Banks.
The chair that features in the Twits by Roald Dhal.
Chairs in the Freeze Show 2012.

Finally I succeeded in altering the chair to make it slightly smaller. When placed next to an original version, a new relationship developed.
This continues in the forms of:
A companion, a couple. A dichotomy.
Documentation follows and the Chairs begin to animate themselves and create narratives.

A time-lapse evolved, which I am working on now. The chairs are still. The scene staged and what moves around them is time. The documenting of day into night and back into day.

Underpinning these works have been my investigations with different media. Darkroom photography, screen printing, painting and fabric printing.




An opportunity to ‘Curate’ or assemble art works from the MFA/MA students.
The space was an interesting one, as it had never been used to show Fine Art work.
My attempt was to build a show that wasn’t just about displaying works in an ordered, structured way, but to create a more ambient space that triggered a viewer’s curiosity. In order to achieve this I felt strongly about how lighting could play a big part in this and how the works were hung.
The resulted was low lighting with varying kinds of spot lights highlighting different parts of the room and the work. The work was hung together with other works in what could seem as random but each piece was carefully placed considering textures, colours and themes but some to provoke questions, perhaps more so with each artist allowing me to explore the boundaries to the different ways of perceiving their work.
This is relevant in how we determine how our work is used in a gallery context.
Do we allow a curator to do as they wish with our work or to rule when a work is finished or what colour is required for the purposes of a show or for private clients. To what extent will an artist change their ideals for money or notoriety?
This seems to be a hot topic at the moment.
The show bought up interesting conversations about the hang, but as a whole it was a successful and well received show.




Many things influence me.
The everday. Objects.
As I walk,
As I talk,
As I sing,
When it rains .
When it doesn’t.
When I’m busy, when I sleep.
Artist names that are shared with me .
Iain Kaier, still life, theatre , softness, quiet, textures , pastel colours to

Helen Mirra, fabric.
The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard
To alter , to detect, to master with affect.
Ways of arranging, setting up compositions.
Boundries, how loud or how quiet?
A diagram, a map, circuit or guide?
Investigate a logic, Martin Creed
Language, state of mind.
Species for Spaces, George Perec, freedom to explore
Tatiana Trouve, Miraslav Balka
Collaborate, integrate, accumulate ideas, share a conversation.

Language, text on a page, shapes, circuits. An anchor to hold.

Colours to describe. Antonioni, The Red Desert- filmic painting

Delicious views.
Rhythm , sounds , music recipes

© Copyright 2013 Tahira Mandarino ​