Wimbledon Space


An opportunity to ‘Curate’ or assemble art works from the MFA/MA students.
The space was an interesting one, as it had never been used to show Fine Art work.
My attempt was to build a show that wasn’t just about displaying works in an ordered, structured way, but to create a more ambient space that triggered a viewer’s curiosity. In order to achieve this I felt strongly about how lighting could play a big part in this and how the works were hung.
The resulted was low lighting with varying kinds of spot lights highlighting different parts of the room and the work. The work was hung together with other works in what could seem as random but each piece was carefully placed considering textures, colours and themes but some to provoke questions, perhaps more so with each artist allowing me to explore the boundaries to the different ways of perceiving their work.
This is relevant in how we determine how our work is used in a gallery context.
Do we allow a curator to do as they wish with our work or to rule when a work is finished or what colour is required for the purposes of a show or for private clients. To what extent will an artist change their ideals for money or notoriety?
This seems to be a hot topic at the moment.
The show bought up interesting conversations about the hang, but as a whole it was a successful and well received show.

The idea of Ecology and sustainability. Artist as a resource.
The exploration of how we integrate and communicate.
Our fears and ambitions.
How to disseminate our practice within the community and the potential benefits of this.
Where are we positioned within our practice, are there limitations, what and where are their possibilities. Your Art and peer community. What am I offering?
Asking Questions.

Social Body Mind Maps with Dean Kenning. A useful and enjoyable way to understand our work from different perspectives. Involvement and responsibility. Where do you exist?
Meeting Jo and Rachel at Space Station 65. Quote ‘the freedom they had with not being funded.’, ‘Slowing exhibition programme to enable other projects to happen.’and the benefits and negatives of aquiring a large space.
Mentoring  at Havering Sixth Form with Anna. A great opportunity to use the idea of questions to mentor, not to tutor. To transfer knowledge and experience to find out the pathways of the artist.
Having the freedom to explore… eat , laugh, bond…that was the last day!

Art Parlour


Graduate Event - The Early Films of Derek Jarman

Stuart Coma in Discussion with James Mackay 

This discussion was an insight into the early career of Jarman. Predominantly a painter he started to work with Super 8mm commenting on the idea of the home movie and creating a roadmap of a changing decade , 1969-70. He filmed his studio at Bankside , his friends and began defining a male aesthetic. These experimental diary movies would lead to more feature productions .

He would often show his films at his studio where he would play a soundtrack as the mood suited, they were not formal films but more like performances. His studio became a forum.Warehouses were other venues he would show his films often amongst other events , his work becoming the wallpaper in these large  open spaces.

I found the ideas that were being talked about, very relevant to the questions we are currently asking. The ideas of collaboration, but in an individual way that doesn't compromise  our own integrity and isn't limiting. The idea I guess of grabbing available opportunities to reach your own destination. Jarman always wanted his films to be shown in a large format but Super 8 mm at that time was very limiting. He saw his films to be like paintings projected. The decision of commitment to watching his films or having them on a loop was also in question.

These questions and decisions of how to show work and technical difficulties that arise and how to cope with these.

How the work we create  is relevant and responsive to what is happening in everyday society, how sometimes this happens quite  naturally and even if you are not political , work can be included in themes that generate discussion and have a wider impact.

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