Many things influence me.
The everday. Objects.
As I walk,
As I talk,
As I sing,
When it rains .
When it doesn’t.
When I’m busy, when I sleep.
Artist names that are shared with me .
Iain Kaier, still life, theatre , softness, quiet, textures , pastel colours to

Helen Mirra, fabric.
The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard
To alter , to detect, to master with affect.
Ways of arranging, setting up compositions.
Boundries, how loud or how quiet?
A diagram, a map, circuit or guide?
Investigate a logic, Martin Creed
Language, state of mind.
Species for Spaces, George Perec, freedom to explore
Tatiana Trouve, Miraslav Balka
Collaborate, integrate, accumulate ideas, share a conversation.

Language, text on a page, shapes, circuits. An anchor to hold.

Colours to describe. Antonioni, The Red Desert- filmic painting

Delicious views.
Rhythm , sounds , music recipes

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