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A Timelapse Film made on site at Turners House in

St Margarets


Turner designed this house almost 200years ago. Known as Sandycombe Lodge the house is situated  in Sandycombe Road in St Margarets ,Twickenham.Built for his father and as a country retreat away from the city. Trained as an architects draughtsman he was influenced by Sir John Soane and echos of this can be seen around the house.

On an open drawing day organised by the Turner House Trust, I was fascinated by the house and the atmosphere within. I wanted to capture this atmosphere and create a Timelapse film recording the light passing through the window over 24 hours. I had created a time-lapse similar with Two Chairs (see below), so felt this would really work well.

The film is shot in the house, in the main living room and stills taken at 1min intervals. The audio that accompanies the piece are sounds of the birds in the garden and a gentle hum of traffic. This gives a sense of the past with a reality of where the house is now. The light is gentle and really expands the room, the window is original so one can imagine Turner looking out of the window toward the view and further, the river.

I would like to further this project and film other rooms and find inspiration from other elements in  the house.

 A 'Time Lapse' sequence documenting 24hrs, day to night back to day.

My Two Chairs are staged, waiting or rehearsing, perhaps re-visiting. They do not move, but light and time gently move around them.

There is no audio.

There is darkness but out of the darkness comes the light..if you wait.

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