Park 14 was a project I was involved with outside of my practice within the college. 

We subitted proposals for a sited work responding to Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon.

Our guide was to work on our individual pieces but to be mindful of a collaborative effort. This could be in the form of how a map or any kind of publication supporting the show could evidence a feel for the show. We decided on creating a booklet alongside the lines of 'The Russian Linesman' by Mark Wallinger, each of us allowing the work to have space and an opportunity for other visuals or text to relate.

We worked closely with Juliette Haysom in realising our pieces and she really helped with getting to grips with how to organise a public show. 

Being made aware of how important preparing for an applying for a proposal actually is.. Using Photoshop as a tool to realise a project and as a way to promote and sell a concept especially when it may rely heavily on imagining what the idea might be. My work uses objects and spaces so Photoshop is vital in creating my ideas visually. I now have skills to utilise for future applications.

The important things to remember are that when showing work in a public space, Health and Safety are paramount . Until this time Ihadn't really understood what this really meant . The way an artist organises for this is important as it helps to understand how the piece of work will function and respond to visitors. It helped me prepare in a much more professional manner knowing the work I was making  had to fit with the the Health and Safety document. I had to install a washing line , with posts and understand how this would be installed. How heavy the washing might be and what I would do if it rained and how to fix the posts in the ground.

Invigilating the work was also important during the show.

Documenting the work is eqaully important, how to respond to the work after it is up and functioning in the space. My piece lent itself well to being filmed as I could record the sounds happenning around the work, voices, ambient noise ,reflections on the work and the movement of the washing simply blowing in the breeze. This kind of reflective documentation provides rich material for further investigations.


 I will be using my studio to continue my practice after completing my MFA. Whitnessing a  exploration in the current art scene relating to buildings especially houses and ideas around staging, I will be furthering my own inquiry. 

My work is project based and I have further projects that I wish to continue with that I have not had time to respond too or complete at my time at Wimbledon.

These are Chalk Grounds, Etchings and may include some drawing works.

The 2d aspect to my work is something I would like to investigate.

My interest in interiors is also an avenue that I may like to tap into especially as most of my work uses everyday objects and imagery /patterns. Just recently I recieved an open proposal for artits to submit to The Anti Gallery Show , an event scheduled for next year, so looking at ways to promote my practice will be a challenge in the coming year, but an interesting one!

Since learning about sustainability, I have become much more aware of its importance when making art.

The themes within my work allow me to think about materials and I work mainly with found objects and recycled wood.

I have begun to work collaboratively which introduces creative ways to communicate with wider audiences. There has to be trust and with this interesting new projects can be realised. Reaching more people means greater impact and a broader perspective.

Working with school groups and delivering educational workshops such as 'Archkids' helps to add another layer of knowledge about practices within art and how these could  be translated.

I am currently working on a participary project/proposal with The Village Hall Gallery in Wimbledon to create a pop up gallery that can house discussions , forums, events, shows and assist in bringing Wimbledon College of Art to the local Wimbledon community. Sustainability needs to continue within the College and I feel this is one way to help with this, as I feel there is so much the students can offer and share and hopefully this will in turn provide a way for students to create building blocks for their futures.

Affordable Art Fair 


 Using patterns taken from Chalk Ground paintings, created usingsilk screen  printing technique 

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