A series of shots of pavement marks, taken at different sites including France.

There is a commanility between each mark but there is an obvious code that we are not privy to. These four shots were taken along a residential road and the  marks quite large and spread over a wide stretch.  I am intrigued by their ambiguity, are we seeing where holes will be drilled or spaces dug up? From observations these marks eventually fade and no work is carried out. The colours are usually primary but pink is used also ,so are these for specific reasons or perhaps it doesn't matter. Text including numbers are also sometimes visible and can be repetitive over a long strech of pavement or walkway. 

My Chalk Grounds are my own coded language and these marks are a source of  reference for me and will stimulate an urban response and further my ideas with this on -going project.

© Copyright 2013 Tahira Mandarino ​