Outside the Window


I can see the fake roses,

on the ground floor of the flats opposite.

It is a little shady there.

It is much sunnier on the roof,

past the two satellite dishes.


A huge truck parks up, interrupting the view.

It does not stay long.

A woman parks up.

I look away and nearly miss the orange van and a woman

walking past carrying a white paper bag.

The woman is still in her car.


Some observations and

subtle changes.

A short amount of time to assess the noise.

The quiet of the outside.


The woman gets out of her car.




Tahira Mandarino






A SERIES OF SHOTS              18.10.13

  1. EXT.  A SET OF OBJECTS IN VIEW          1


A medium size wooden slatted chair, used for  

     Sitting on outside. A curved wooden screen, partly      frosted. A bunch of swimming woggles, different      colours, tied around with gaffa tape. An old tall

     wooden ladder, with a possible history and a



     Three characters emerge. Two begin talking.


          Character 1

     Is it hidden ?    

     I’m going to go look.


          Character 2

     It doesn’t matter anymore, you know that.

     It’s late.


     Character 1 starts to climb the ladder.

     Character 2 follows and puts a foot on the ladder to      stabalise it.


          Character 1

     I can’t see it from up here..


          Character 2

     Life is full of little components waiting to be      organized.

     I couldn’t see, was he in their?


          Character 1

     They can go in any order. The invitation is too      tempting, like sugar, sweet.    -     CONTINUED

          A SERIES OF SHOTS                18.10.13




1          Character 2                                  1

     I don’t doubt there was a reason for being so      passive.


     Character 1 climbs down from the ladder.


          Character 2

     Give me a reason.


          Character 1

     I chose them, because I liked the look of them.








A View of the Room


If I were to sit in a corner , what would I be thinking about?

Is the corner a sacred space to be steered into or a desperate and

Sad hiding place?

Is it the place you went to if you were naughty as there would be no way out , you the wall your thoughts.

The corner can be a place where things gravitate towards, a holding place/bay.

Or a place to weave a wonderful web.

Edgy dust

Or macro drawing

An angle


Inside the room you will see a vitrine, partly open to the viewer , partly closed.

On the wall some hooks ,  already with something hanging off them, a bag perhaps.

In the corner a chair, two maybe. One just a little bit different.

I haven’t decided what else if anything will inhabit this room, so for now

Lets go back to what is inside the vitrine. And what we think about vitrines.

A cabinet of sorts, usually with a glass top or front, so you can see inside , but never to touch what is inside. Can we put anything into a vitrine.? I guess so.

They are the things  or objects that are precious, collected.

Sometimes I find the things in vitrines boring.

Hooks on the other hand hang differently

We hang our whole lives on these inconsequential objects, our entire belief system. Where would we hang our stuff if hooks didn’t exist?

Where would we sit if the chairs were not there , I guess on the floor.

What is it we think about or witness with an object or journey when we see it everyday?

All objects that inhabit a space have an outline.

The outline is significant in the moment the object is stationary , when it moves it creates a new set of marks. Some objects never move , others are much more transitory.

A map or guide will help you towards a new destination.  One that you will experience by yourself, if you want to.








Performed at Wimbledon College of Art  10th May 2013

© Copyright 2013 Tahira Mandarino ​