A Site Responsive Artwork by Artist Tahira Mandarino



The brief was to respond to the Landscape Architect Capability Brown. Capability changed the formal gardens of many landowners and replaced the old tradition with a new style of gardenless garden where a more naturalistic and romantic style was engineered. 


Capability created stunning vistas. He made you look, he planted a little cluster of trees urging you to search for them in the landscape and the sweeping line of the hills making you want to run up or down. The shape of a lake glistening drawing you in.


I have created three View Finder Posts one within Gatton Park and Two along the Surrey Hills National Trust Trail from Reigate Hill. The Viewfinder in Gatton Park is made of a single solid Acrylic rod which acts a little like a mirror and so you can see the landscape reflecting through.


Each Viewfinder Post encourages you to look deeper into the landscape. 

Challenging your perception, are you part of the landscape or are you outside looking in?

Think about the times you have seen an amazing vista and what happened, did you try to capture the moment on camera or did you just stop and watch?

Each View may be new to you or you are already be familiar with the views I have chosen.

Look closer perhaps you find something new to see. 

You may have to go on tip toe to look through

or bend a little lower, move further back or come closer in.

© Copyright 2013 Tahira Mandarino ​