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Tahira Mandarino







A SERIES OF SHOTS              18.10.13

  1. EXT.  A SET OF OBJECTS IN VIEW          1


A medium size wooden slatted chair, used for   Sitting on outside. A curved wooden screen, partly   frosted. A bunch of swimming woggles, different      colours, tied around with gaffa tape. An old tall  wooden ladder, with a possible history and  wobble.


     Three characters emerge. Two begin talking.


          Character 1

     Is it hidden ?    

     I’m going to go look.


          Character 2

     It doesn’t matter anymore, you know that.

     It’s late.


     Character 1 starts to climb the ladder.

     Character 2 follows and puts a foot on the ladder to  stabalise it.


          Character 1

     I can’t see it from up here..


          Character 2

     Life is full of little components waiting to be  organized.

     I couldn’t see, was he in their?


          Character 1

     They can go in any order. The invitation is too  tempting, like sugar,         sweet.   -         CONTINUED

          A SERIES OF SHOTS                18.10.13




1          Character 2                                  1

     I don’t doubt there was a reason for being so  passive.


     Character 1 climbs down from the ladder.


          Character 2

     Give me a reason.


          Character 1

     I chose them, because I liked the look of them.



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